Learning to Forgive and Discarding Hatred

The Ability to Forgive Patience to Give Birth Within Ourselves.

Feelings of hate is easy to slip into the heart, especially when someone gets the treatment was good or not just from other people. Become an ordeal for a person to remain capable of being kind to those who act hostile towards him.

In this case, the Prophet set an example. Along the way migrated from Mecca to Medina, the Prophet and Abu Bakr had to hide in caves to avoid persecution Tsur Quraysh. The pursuers have actually been very close to their hiding places, but Allah willed another.

They did not find two people who were friendly to each other. Imam Bukhari narrated from Anas ibn Malik’s point about the story of Abu Bakr with Muhammad SAW. Abu Bakr said, he was with the apostle in the cave.When lifted his head, he saw groups of pursuers.

He said, if they bowed their heads, will certainly see people who are hiding. Apostle asked Abu Bakr silent and confirms that Allah with them. In the gripping condition, said Sopian Muhammad in his book, Love Management of The Prophet, the Prophet did not pray for bad things.

The Apostle did not raise their hands to ask Allah to harm the people who want to harm it. Hatred does not wrap itself. He did not spit vengeance to those who have made the very difficult conditions and expelled from his homeland.

Ill-treatment he had felt during Ta’if to invite citizens to the truth. Not the warm reception he got, even torture until he was bloody. He complained about weakness to God. Angels are sent and are ready to do what Muhammad wanted, including destroying the mountain in Ta’if for its citizens punished.

Muhammad rejected the offer. He did not indulge hatred in him to accept the offer of an angel sent from God. Instead, he asked the Creator for giving guidance to them. Because, he thought they did not know the truth that he is offering.

Regarding the attitude of this Prophet, quoting Sopian wise sentence, tit for tat is revenge. Tit for tat is the usual case. While crime is a tit for tyranny. But, if repaid evil good, it is noble and praiseworthy. Reflected glory on himself Muhammad through ruqyah.

According Sopian, the attitude of the Messenger of Allah also shows the ability to forgive others. From the findings of some researchers, the power to forgive is extraordinary, especially for people who can forgive.”Because, forgive reduce negative emotions, dispels the sense of revenge, expand your heart and feelings, as well as mature mentally.”

In his book Forgive for Good, Dr. Frederic Luskin explains, the nature of forgiveness can be a recipe for health and happiness, triggering the creation of good conditions in mind, such as hope, patience, and confidence. Nature does not hold grudges and forgive like Allah has shown extensive and high-minded heart.

Skilled User Friendly to Anyone works of Imam al-Ghazali explains, Ibn Abbas say that every time someone condone unjust treatment he was receiving, adding the glory of God in man. Apostles, clearly al-Ghazali, emphasized in this forgiving attitude.

Treasure the wherewithal, the Apostle says, was never reduced. God certainly adds glory to His servants who do not hesitate to give forgiveness. Anyone who tawadhu to Allah, Allah will raise the degree of that person. On the Day of Resurrection, God forgives His servants who love to forgive his brother.

Ali ibn Abu Talib narrated words of his friend, Muhammad, that the core ratio after religion is to love people and do good to everyone, good and evil.