Pillars of Īman (Creed and Belief)

The religion of Islam as explained above is comprised of Aqeedah (creed faith and belief) and Sharee’ah (revealed laws). We have mentioned some pillars of the Sharee’ah above. The pillars and fundamentals of Aqeedah are to believe in:

  1. Allah
  2. His Angels
  3. His Books
  4. His Messengers
  5. the Last Day and
  6. Qadar (Divine Will) both its good and evil consequences.

These pillars and fundamentals are mentioned in the Book of Allah and ) of His Messenger.rthe Sunnah 1 (the narrations of the Prophet
An example from the Book of Allah is the saying of Allah:
Righteousness is not that you turn your faces towards the East or the West (in prayers) but righteousness is the one who believes in Allah the Last Day the Angels the Book and the Prophets. [Surah al-Baqarah (2):177].

And from the Book of Allah with regards to Qadar the saying of Allah:
Verily We have created all things by Qadar. And Our Commandment is but one as the twinkling of an eye. [Surah al-Qamar (54):49]

) when asked about Īman by the angel Jibreel he replied:rAnd from the Sunnah of the Prophet (
Īman is to believe in Allah His Angels His Books His Messengers the Last Day and to believe in Qadar and what it brings of good or bad.” (Reported by Muslim)

By the Late Eminent Scholar Sheikh Muhammad ibn Salih Al-Uthaymeen Translation by Abu Salman Diya ud-Deen Eberle

(Quoted dan edited from http://blog.re.or.id/the-fundamentals-of-islamic-creed.htm)