If we can clean up his heart from the pile of unnecessary emotion, he will come back clear as glass and capable of peace, simplicity, and beauty of life.

Emotion is the key to find the truth. Ironically, many of the problems we encounter in life is caused by emotions. For example, have you ever felt bad mood (or ‘cranky’, says kids these days) prolonged? Have you sometimes feel uncomfortable because your feelings mixed abysmally?

That’s a sign you are difficult to identify, recognize, and manage any feelings of being  natural. How do you get rid of negative feelings: try to internalize it tight, forget it, or take it out to others? Although emotion has become part of everyday life of every human being, not everyone can accept, get on, let alone to manage their own emotions.

In fact, quoting the opinion of Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence, one sign of emotional intelligence is able to monitor what we feel from moment to moment un ¬ tuk gain psychological insight and understanding about themselves.

Map  of Emotion

Feeling or emotion (from English “emotion”), is actually energy in motion or energy that moves. Nature is dynamic and everlasting energy: it can not be destroyed, but may be converted into other forms of energy. Human feelings arise when the energy within and around him to move. Energy is at the ‘soul’ our conduct, coloring the mind, shaping dreams, enrich human relationships, and shelter-will the raw material for human creativity. This energy is actually a part of us, which we do not usually aware of its existence until he showed up to ¬ so something that we know as the ’emotion’.

Simplified  Life

Brian Tracy said, if we make peace as the highest goal and make all the activities, decisions, and behavior based on these goals, then we will be more happy and effective in the lives and careers. By applying technology sincere regularly, you will find peace and life that much easier and fun naturally.

Actually there’s always a sense of peace in human hearts, although he often disguised by other emotions. Peace is an operational matter and can be trained. Every time we focus on the peace of mind, naturally it will grow, develop, and release the impasse that we experience.

According to Paul R.  Scheele, if we can release  the conflicts in our mind, emotions, and behaviors, we will be able to achieve the best performance, we are going to become the best person  as a human being to be. You’ll also rediscover what is most coveted heart.